Latest October Trail Camera Photos

Things are starting to turn in the woods. The October Lull is over and the bucks are on the move a little bit. It’s just about to get into the rutting season here in Wisconsin and I’m excited.

Here are some photos from the woods from the October Lull. Hopefully through this week we’ll have more of the bucks on their feet and in front of the cameras…and in front of the treestands.

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Hunting With HunterShare – “The Boys Are Back” S1E3

The pre-rut is here in Northwestern Wisconsin. For the first time this year the action was hot in the woods. I went out for a morning hunt on Saturday October 27th and there was action from the moment I arrived on the stand. It was a crisp 27 degrees with little wind. I was able to sneak in to the top of a ridge and from there things got exciting.

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Bowhunting 2012: More Bucks on the Trail Cameras

Some more bucks are starting to appear on the trail cameras.

Well, the bucks are appearing on one of my two trail cameras. I’ve moved the cam that isn’t performing to a different angle to get a wider shot. I know there are deer walking past and I just needed to adjust the camera.

These photos were taken from September 22nd through September 29th. I also threw in a few pics of the farm taken with my iPhone ont he way out to the trail cameras. I’m loving the new panoramic feature on the iPhone with iOS 6. It’s pretty sweet.

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